APPM supports the establishment of the wildlife reserve area between the rivers Northern Dvina and Pinega within the boundaries agreed upon by all the stakeholders: Head of the Arkhangelks Region — Dvinskoy Reserve must be created

Igor Orlov, Governor of  Arkhangelsk Oblast, at  a  meeting with WWF Russia Director, Igor Chestin, confirmed the intention of  the region to  create a  nature reserve in  the interfluve of  the Northern Dvina and the Pinega.

The participants of  the meeting discussed the implementation of  environmental protection cooperation agreement between the government of  Arkhangelsk Oblast and WWF Russia signed in  2013. The document lists the main cooperation trends, such as  improvement of  the network of  protected areas, sustainable forest management, and other issues.

At  this stage, one of  the main cooperation tasks is  preservation of  the intact forest landscape in  the interfluve between the Dvina and the Pinega. The environmental, scientific organizations, and the authorities have been working on  establishing a  nature reserve here since 2003. However, the destiny of  the unique forest is  still unclear.

«The reserve is  to  be  here, we  confirm  it. But it  is  necessary to  define its boundaries given the today’s realities», Igor Orlov stressed. «The opinion of  the current lessees and the local communities shall be  taken into account as  well.»

Igor Chestin noted that most timber companies with their lease areas located within the future reserve support the creation of  a  protected area, while the negotiations are ongoing with the others. According to  the study conducted by  WWF in  January 2017, many villagers have been actively using the area for hunting, fishing, gathering mushrooms and berries, and would like to  save these places from logging. However, the inhabitants of  some settlements worry about establishing a  protected area.

«Of  course, we  don’t want that the reserve affect the local population. Therefore, we  are ready to  cooperate with the regional government and reach a  compromise with all the stakeholders», said WWF Russia Director. «However, I  hope that the new boundaries won’t lead to  a  significant reduction of  the reserve area and the loss of  high conservation values».

At  the meeting with the Governor, Igor Chestin also drew attention to  the development of  more effective sustainable forest management as  the main trend both in  Arkhangelsk Oblast, and in  the country as  a  whole.

«A  «came  — took  — left’ approach has exhausted itself. In  the situation when there are almost no  naturally grown forests, the forestry can effectively develop and create jobs only by  following the sustainable forest management. It  means growing timber in  already developed areas. Moreover, such experience exists, and in  Arkhangelsk Oblast as  well. It  should be  actively promoted », said Chestin.

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